Questionnaire For Anxiety Sufferers
Once you fill this in it would, a) it would mean the world to me and b), most importantly, I’ll be able to use that information toward creating content you specifically to help you.
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Which of the following best describes you? *
What best describes your relationship with your anxiety? *
How much have you spent on managing your anxiety in the last 12 months? (includes medication, therapy, exercise/gym membership etc) *
What is your #1 roadblock you feel is preventing you from finally being able to manage your anxiety naturally? (Please be as detailed as possible) *
What is your main motivation for wanting to learn how you can manage your anxiety naturally? *
What is your current diet like? *
How much do you spend on food every month? *
Imagine a world where you are free from anxiety... describe to me in as much detail as possible how that makes you feel and what life you're living... *
How would you describe "Honestly Holistic" as a brand to a friend in 3 sentences or less?
Lastly, I may follow-up with a few people personally to learn a little more about your situation...  If you'd be open to chatting for a few minutes, on the condition I PROMISE not to try to sell you something - please leave your name and email OR name and phone number below :)
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