Overview Webinar Quiz
During the Overview Webinar presentation, the following questions are posed between each module section. When the "Active Poll Running" slide displays, answer the corresponding question in this Quiz. Remember, the video can be paused at any time to allow you more time to answer the questions.
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When did you review the Overview Webinar? *
What is your position in the firm? *
Review in your account:
Create a new Contact in your account and review the corresponding options.
How many types of Phone Numbers can be stored on a Contact? *
5 points
Review on the Support Site:
Click on the question mark at the upper right of your page, and from the drop-down select Clio Support
Which plan allows for Matter Budgets? *
5 points
Review in your Clio account:
Click through the different tabs at the top of Clio
Where can Trust Requests be created? *
5 points
How do you find unassigned Time Entries? *
5 points
When can Taxes be applied to Bills in Clio? *
5 points
Which file types are accepted for your firm's logo? *
5 points
Thank you for attending today's presentation!
The following questions are posed to assist in future presentations.
What is your comfort level with today's topic? *
What did you or members of your firm learn from today's presentation? Feel free to include any feedback you may have.
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Thank you for reviewing the Webinar, and completing the assignment!
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