Dreaming in "Transitionese"
The "Transitionese" Project aims at expanding the International Transition movement’s translation capacities.

With this survey we are opening a “Dream Circle” through which we hope to hear from people throughout the movement about their needs, wishes and hopes concerning translations. Your ideas will help us distill the Dream of Transition Network’s translation expansion into a concrete plan and actionable tasks for ourselves and the network.

The main outcomes of this project will be:

- A CENTRAL REPOSITORY of translated content
- A Translations PRIMER for Hubsters and a GLOSSARY
- A CENTRAL REGISTER of translation projects
- A webinar and other promotional materials

*Please help us better define and refine the needs of the movement by responding to this survey by 25th March 2016!*

We will be glad to go through these questions in a skype call if you prefer, just drop us a line at transitionese@gmail.com with your availability for the week up to 8 April.

If you feel you can give better answers in your native tongue, challenge us! We'll take the opportunity to put the networks' translation capacities to the test :)

Now make yourself a lemonade and let the dreams begin!
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How would you like to contribute to Transition's translations? *
What motivates you to participate?
What makes (or could make) Transition's translations process appealing, simple, creative, fun? One of the expected outcomes of this project is a CENTRAL REGISTER of translation projects. We're thinking about collaboration, team work, internal communication flows, community engagement and decision-making over which documents to translate. What could be changed in TN’s current process of translations so that afterwards you would say your time is well spent on translations?
Imagine a central repository of Transition's translated content. What would you like to see there to consider it useful and complete?
Be as specific or vague as you wish... For instance, you might give us a list of translated contents that are absolutely essential and HAVE TO be featured in the future central repository, or share a crazy techie idea you've had for a ground-breaking functionality (which we can't promise to develop!).
What kind of information do you think should be out there to guide you and help you contribute more with translations?
By the end of the project we should have a Translations PRIMER available for Hubsters to engage in the translation process. What are the main challenges you face when you translate for Transition?
What words / concepts should a Transition's Translations Glossary feature for you to consider it yours?
By answering to this question you are already contributing to a crowdsourced glossary :)
Finally, how would you measure success?
With the Transitionese Project we also hope to set up mechanisms for ongoing review and evaluation, seek feedback on outputs and make recommendations as to how this work could be developed in future phases. What would have to happen for you to consider the Transitionese Project a success?
What's your name? *
Where are you from?
Can we get in touch? *
Please share your email address with us
If you want we can arrange a skype call to voice our dreams together
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