"Eirene Chorus" Member Recruitment Notice(평화를 노래하는 다국적 합창단 "에레네 합창단" 단원 모집)

"Eirene Chorus (Peace Eurasia Chorus)"
Member Recruitment Notice

Korean NGO <Hope Rail> is looking for members of "Eirene Chorus (Peace Eurasia Chorus)", in an effort join our hearts and build up ‘dreams of the continent’ together.
We hope the chorus will serve as a platform to unite students from all of the world including the North Korea, to share the spirit of peace and harmony in Korea, southern hemisphere of the only divided nation in the world.
If you are interested in the Chorus and sharing messages of co-existence, peace and harmony through the power of music, you are welcome to join us. Please refer to the following on how to apply.

information: Hope Rail. www.railhope.com (02)3235778/railhope7@gmail.com

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