Partner Sign-On for the 11th Annual Rock to Rock ! (2019)
Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 27, 2019!

The mission of Rock to Rock is to support high-impact environmental work in the Greater New Haven community. It is a grassroots event led by the organizations who benefit from it. We meet monthly around pots of chili to hash out the logistics of throwing an Earth Day celebration that is as inclusive, healthy, green and fun as we can make it, and also raises funds for environmental work.

Do you want to use the Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride to raise money to support environmental work? Are you committed to turn out riders and volunteers to make this event a success? Do you have some ideas about making this year's event even better than before? Fill out the form below.

Need to talk through this? Contact Anna Pickett via or 203-432-6189.

Organization Name
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Who will be the main Rock to Rock contact for your organization?
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NHEP will write you a check for your earnings through Rock to Rock next May or June. To whom should the check be written? (It must be a 501c3 organization.) *
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To what address and to whose attention should the check be mailed? *
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Monthly meetings
We meet in the first week of the month from December through May. This year, participating partner meetings will most likely take place on the first Tues or Wed of the month (not Monday as it has in the past). Meetings start with an optional happy hour at 5:30; the meetings run from 6 to 7:30pm over an optional potluck. Please select all the days that work for you (when you most likely wouldn't miss 2 or more). We hope that you can make a majority of meetings between Dec and May.
Which day(s) of the week could work for you (in the first weeks of Dec-May) for monthly planning meetings?
Please provide the email addresses of anyone else from your organization who should receive Team Rocks emails, aimed at event organizers.
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How will you use the funds that you raise through Rock to Rock?
You can choose to highlight a specific project, or to talk about the impact of these funds more generally.
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How does your organization create a healthier, greener New Haven community?
Bullet points or a couple of sentences are great. Please provide measurable impact information if you have it.
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What goals are you setting for Rock to Rock?
Number of riders raising money for your organization
We suggest at least 10, but more is great.
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Number of volunteers involved event day
We suggest at least 5.
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Fundraising goal
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What's your organization's website URL?
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To complete this application process ...
If you are a new partner or have a new logo, please email a high-res, web-ready version of your logo to, along with 2-3 photos that we can use to share your work! If you already like the photos on the Rock to Rock web site, you can skip this step!
What is the difference between a participating partner and an organizing partner?
Most Rock to Rock organizations are participating partners. This form is for participating partners to sign on. You commit to:

(1) share information about Rock to Rock with your communities,
(2) work to reach your volunteer and rider goals (we suggest at least 5 volunteers and 10 riders)
(3) use the funds raised to support high-impact environmental work in Greater New Haven, and
(4) identify a representative to participate in monthly Rock to Rock partner meetings, and to help out with one of our Rock to Rock committees. Participating partner meetings will take place in the first week of the month (day TBD) between December and May. Meetings start with an optional happy hour at 5:30; the whole group and committees meet from 6 to 7:30pm.

Participating partners receive: (1) all pledges designated specifically to their organization, and (2) an even split of all undesignated pledges, minus online processing fees.

A few organizations step up to be organizing partners. You commit to:

(1) lead organizing a major aspect of Rock to Rock,
(2) participate regularly in Rock to Rock organizing meetings starting in October (at least 2 per month, January to May), and
(3) raise at least $10,000 in corporate sponsorships.

Organizing partners receive (1) an even split of all registration fees, (2) an even split of all sponsorship dollars, minus event costs, (3) all pledges designated to your organization, and (4) an even share of undesignated pledges. If the group decides, some of the sponsorship funds may go into a pot for matching funds that would be for all partners.

Organizing partners sign on by September, in order to launch the planning process for the following April.

If you have questions, please email as soon as possible.

What's right for you? (This question will be removed in September.) *
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