Why/How/When YA Survey
We are doing some work on informational text and YA literature. We would love to have some feedback from our readers. Thank you for completing this brief survey. We will share the results in an upcoming post on usinginformationaltext.blogspot.com!
In what grades/level do you teach ELA? *
How many YA novels do you teach each year? *
How/when do you assign YA novels? *
Which YA novels have you incorporated into your classes regularly or in some capacity?
What are the benefits and/or difficulties involved in teaching YA fiction?
What advice do you have for other teachers incorporating YA novels into their instruction?
What are your thoughts about assigning YA novels that focus or touch on sensitive topics (i.e., sex, suicide, violence, etc.) as independent summer reading?
Have you ever been challenged about assigning YA novels and by whom (admins, parents, students, other teachers)?
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If you have been challenged, by whom were you challenged? How did you respond and what happened? If not, why do you think you haven't been challenged?
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