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Welcome, Resource Organization.
To become a MN GreenStep Resource Organization, simply fill out the following form, and update it annually. We encourage you to be active in supporting schools, but your activity level is up to you.

If you have an organization with multiple offices, you can make a separate entry for each office with its own contact person, and address, as well as custom offerings by location. You may also list a program name as the Resource Organization Name.

If you have any questions or would like assistance along the way, please contact or see the website
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You may list a program name as the Resource Organization Name.
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There will be a section near the end where you can describe your organization, programs, and services in more detail.
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Eg. "Entire State," or describe portion. Eg. "Within 100 miles of St. Cloud," or "Big Stone County." Be as specific as you can. In the future we may have a map interface. For now, feel free to include a link to a web page that shows your service area.
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---Resources Offered---
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---Outcome Areas and Best Practices Supported---
In the following sections, please check all the boxes that apply to the Best Practices you could support in some way. For each Best Practice there could be many possible Best Practice Actions. The Detailed section in a later section allows you to share specifically what types of Actions you can support. The following lists help save schools time finding organizations that are working in the same general area as their current projects.
Organizational Leadership Best Practices *
Reduced Environmental Impact and Costs Best Practices
Improved Health and Wellness Best Practices *
Effective Environmental and Sustainability Education Best Practices *
---Organization Details---
Expanded Description
Here, please use the longer format to expand on your organization description, types of offerings, and green school topics supported. Feel free to include links for more information.
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