Heartland Fall 2019 Forum Rep Picks Submission
($300 per rep)

Up to twenty-four reps will rotate from table to table, pitching their frontlist titles to booksellers.

Each attendee will receive a printed “handselling guide” featuring sales tools provided by sales reps as a takeaway. This session is not scheduled concurrently with any other Heartland programming. It is free for booksellers to attend, and it also includes free lunch.

• By popular demand the trade show floor will be open directly after rep picks to encourage engagement with booksellers.

Participating reps can also elect to make galleys available for any titles promoted during this lunch.

Companies wishing to send more than one rep to either event will be awarded one placement and waitlisted for the remainder of their placements. If positions are available on 8/1 they will be fairly distributed among companies represented on the waitlist.

Placement will be awarded to reps whose list the Heartland Fall Forum feels will best benefit our region’s booksellers. We reserve the right to award placement to houses of our choice.
If you are not awarded placement your registration fee will be refunded in full by 8/10.
All confirmed reps will receive an instructional email requesting information about the titles they intend to present at the event. This will be used to create print resources for attending booksellers. Please provide this information no later than 8/20 to have it included in the print piece.

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