2019 Silicon Village Theme Camp Request Survey
Silicon Village is a village of self organizing and self directed camps. We are not a turnkey and we are not here to make your burn easier. Bring Your Camp to Silicon Village if you want to participate and build community.

Burning Man is about Radical Inclusion, so we may have people in Silicon Village that may have different values, sexual preferences or identifications. Silicon Village does not approve of any form of discrimination or harassment and is all inclusive. We also follow the 10 Principles and expect all campers to embrace consent culture! View our Code of Conduct here: http://siliconvillageburners.org/welcome-to-silicon-village/code-of-conduct/
and make sure you agree with it and can follow it before you ask to join our community

If you are interested in bringing your camp to Silicon Village this year please fill out the following survey. We will share your responses with our camp leaders and will get you in contact with them if there is a match! Please reach out to Moonbeam (Julie Lynn) on Facebook or by email at julyha86@gmail.com if you have any questions!
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What are your camp’s interactivity plans for 2019? Please include what you will offer and estimated number of hours during the week (Mon-Sun) for interactivity. *
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What interests you about joining Silicon Village? *
Do your campers have any special skills, talent or training that would be beneficial to the village in general? (Examples: Yoga Instructor, mediation, DJ, Bar Tending, Cooking, Tarot Cards, Painting, Musical Instruments, neighborly, good-attitude, mechanic etc.) *
Do you have any art cars? *
Tell us about the layout, infrastructure and space requirements for your camp? *
City & State majority of your campers live in *
Every camp and camper in Silicon village must agree to respect everyone in Silicon Village, abide by our Code of Conduct and follow the 10 Principles. Do you understand? * *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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