Fall 2020 Application | ME 191 | Design Summer | Fall Session
It's 2020. The world has been turned upside down. For students, gaining work experiences feels harder than ever. How do you find companies that are still working with students? How do you make the most of this new "remote learning" era? How do you navigate finding meaningful projects or internships throughout the year and this summer?

If you have any of these questions, you're in the right place. In response to COVID-19, Design Summer is pivoting to a 1-credit class, a "portal" with a growing list of open jobs/internships, and a list of over 200 alums interested in supporting your growth. We're supporting students who are interested in creating a meaningful 2020/2021 school year & summer.

What will you learn?
+ How to build a personal brand
+ How to build (or rebuild) your portfolio
+ How to scope & pitch for projects
+ How to interview well
+ How to reflect on your path and plan what's next with confidence

What do you get?
+ A lasting community of mentors and peers
+ Sessions with alumni and industry partners who are interested in helping you find the right path.
+ Access to an exclusive project portal with specific summer jobs/opportunities for Design Summer students.

The class has 4 sessions between October and December 1st. Exact dates will be determined once the cohort comes together.

*SPACE IS LIMITED. Apply by Friday, October 2nd at 5pm PDT.*
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Designing Summer
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