Application | ME 191 | Design Summer
Summer can be tricky. Who are you and what should you do? Get an internship or organize your own projects? How do you meet with the right people? And how should you prepare?

If you have any of these questions, you're in the right place.

Design Summer (ME191) is a new 1-quarter, 1-credit class focused on helping you prepare for a summer full of intentional work alongside great people and companies.

What will you learn?
+ How to build a personal brand
+ How to build (or rebuild) your portfolio
+ How to scope & pitch for projects
+ How to interview well
+ How to reflect on your path and plan what's next with confidence

What do you get?
+ A lasting community of mentors and peers
+ Sessions with alumni and industry partners who are interested in helping you find the right path.
+ Access to an exclusive project portal with specific summer jobs/opportunities for Design Summer students.

The class has 3 sessions. All sessions are mandatory for completion:
Saturday, Oct 5th: 9am-2pm (Class Launch at the
Tuesday, Nov 5th: 6:30-8pm
Thursday, Dec 5th: 6:30-8pm

Apply by October 4th.
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Designing Summer
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