AVCON 2017 Volunteer [INVADER] Application Form
WE WANT YOU to join the Invaders! The Invaders are AVCON's team of awesome dedicated volunteers who make the convention run. Without them Avcon couldn't exist and as such, they are the public face, and working backbone of the event. Being an Invader is a great way to meet new people and gain valuable volunteer and workplace experience.


Should you be unsuccessful you will be still given the opportunity to purchase a ticket at early bird prices.

MAIDS: Those applying for maid cafe, please DO NOT fill out this form. A separate application for will be going up for you in the near future.

CEREMONIES TEAM: You are able to do ceremonies and volunteer, thats fine!

Basic Details
These questions are solely for demographic and contact information and your personal details shall not be disclosed to those outside of AVCon
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Please Note: You must be 16 by the weekend of Avcon to be an Avcon Volunteer
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Sizes are based on standard male shirt size and will be used to order your free volunteer T-Shirt
Would you like to Purchase an OPTIONAL collectible AVCon 2017 Pass Pack for $10?
The optional passpack consists of one of each standard pass (including Saturday, Sunday, Weekend, Kids, Volunteer, Staff and Media) and will be given to you once the weekend of the event is over. They are purely for collectible purposes and are not required to volunteer on the weekend.
Experience, Preferences and Availability
(If applicable) What areas at AVCon do you have volunteer experience in?
(If you have not volunteered previously, leave blank)
What area would you prefer to be placed in for 2017? *
(Please note that although we will try to place you here, this DOES NOT guarantee that you will be placed in your preferred area, please only select 'Roaming' if you have volunteered at least once before) For more information on the different areas please give this a read! https://1drv.ms/w/s!AgHK20U4DogVh-4t_gXJgrYazhoMdw
Availability *
Please check when you are available for standard shifts. Please note you will not be volunteering for all the available hours you select, and will most likely do no more than 10 - 12 hours total over the weekend. The times listed are rough estimates and not necessarily representative of the period you will be working. IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO WORK ANYTIME OVER THE WEEKEND, PLEASE ONLY SELECT 'ANYTIME!'.
Would you prefer to be assigned Set-Up or Pack-Up? *
On top of your shifts, we do require volunteers to help out when setting up the convention or packing it up.
Details of Emergency Contact
This person must be over the age of 18 and able to assist you on the Avcon weekend in the event of an emergency.
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Relationship (Mother, Father, Aunt, friend etc) *
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Agreement *
As part of being an AVCon volunteer, you will be required to attend ONE training seminar in order to be cleared to volunteer at the event. There will be multiple seminars to choose from on different days (of which you only need to attend one). Failure to attend will result in being removed from the volunteer pool. Dates/locations for the seminars will be announced at a future date, but will most likely be in the weeks leading up to the convention and will be in the Adelaide CBD. Attendance to one of these training seminars is non-negotiable as they are required for WHS and insurance purposes. A section of these seminars involve taking part in no pressure & fun team building exercises. We consider these a great way for you to break the ice and get to know your fellow volunteers, as well as a vital part of our overall team building process. Please be aware that it is compulsory that you attend the seminars and take part in activities.
Frequently Asked Questions (PLEASE READ)
Do I have to Purchase a ticket still?

No! All volunteers will be given a free pass for the weekend! We will however, keep very close attention to who does and doesn't show up to their shifts. Those found deliberately ignoring their shifts in order to obtain a free pass will be removed from the convention.

When and how will we find out if we have been accepted?

Applicants are scheduled to be notified via email of the status of their application early May

What do we get for volunteering?

All volunteers will be provided with a free pass to the event, a free T-Shirt, lunch on the weekend, early access to the convention as well as great memories and other cool perks. ALSO, access to the exclusive AVCON STAFF ONLY AFTER PARTY!!!!

I'd like to know more info about each individual area at the convention, can I get some?

Sure, give this link a read: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AgHK20U4DogVh-4t_gXJgrYazhoMdw

Do I have to do anything before the convention to prepare?

Besides attend a seminar, not much. There may also be optional meet-ups and other fun events which you are encouraged to come to, but are not vital to volunteering at Avcon.

What happens if something comes up and I can no longer volunteer?

If for whatever reason you are accepted as a volunteer and then something comes up which prevents you from volunteering on Avcon weekend, just tell us prior to the event and we will sort it out, not an issue.

I'm also doing X, Y & Z role at Avcon, can I volunteer?

It depends, for example ceremonies team members are welcome to volunteer as their work shouldn't overlap with volunteering, but maids wouldn't have the time. It's best to ask your relevant committee member first.

I still have more questions

Shoot an email to our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@avcon.org.au

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