2019 Malibu WWA Asian Wake Series Taiwan
1.All entries to be confirmed upon receipt of payment, and an email of successful apply.
2.Entry fee is not refundable once application accepted.
3.All judges’ decision are final, event categories and run down may be adjusted at the Organizer’s discretion depending on weather, time and participant numbers.
4.No one can enter the water (event site on the water), except it’s your turn to compete. The pier where is for access only. No vessels should moor alongside.
5.The organizer is not liable for any loss or damage to yourself or your belongings. It is your responsibility to safeguard the welfare of any child you bring to the tournament.
6.Please respect the instructions given by staff of Park and organizer. We do not wish to jeopardize future access to this excellent site.
7.The organizer and judges have the right to make appropriate adjustments to the category entered by competitors.
8.If a participant is under 18, their parent /guardian must sign their entry form.
9.Please keep the site clean at all times. Smoking is not permitted.
10.There will be a member of the organizer on duty at all times, please ask if you have any queries.
11.All riders must wear life vest, otherwise you may not be allowed to ride.
12.Please complete the form to organizer by the deadline listed below and Full payment to qualify for priority registration.
13.Entry Fee is USD $100 per person/category.
14.WWA membership USD$30/1event USD$70/year
15.Cash payment on-site is available only for team award.
16. If riders have any questions for Taiwan Open, please email to
official organizer, taipeiwwa@gmail.com
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