Ethical tenets of ICT standards for Active and Healthy Ageing
We - as PROGRESSIVE project partners - believe key ethical tenets need to apply to assess key aspects of ‘fitness for purpose’ of standards and the standardisation process. This questionnaire aims to validate with you the core ethical tenets to consider when it comes to ICT standards for active and healthy ageing.
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Please select from the list below the ethical tenets that ICT standards for active and healthy ageing should follow. *
What other key ethical tenets should drive the ICT standardisation process for active and healthy ageing?
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Compliance assessment
If you don’t have time to answer free text questions, we can give you a brief call. Just let us know in the "About you" section that you are interested in further contributing.
How would you assess the compliance with the tenets above? *
Please provide us with references if you know any methodology to assess some of the principles above.
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You could help us by sharing your expertise or experience on the occasion of interviews (depending on your field of interest: accessibility, ageing, digitalisation, healthcare, inclusiveness...) or becoming an external reviewer of some of our publications. We will first contact you by email.
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