Covid Bail Out NYC Community Requests
Thank you so much for requesting a community bail out for your family member or friend. Please complete this form, providing as much information as you can. NOTE: We support bail outs from New York City jails (Rikers, the Boat, Horizons, and Crossroads); we don't have the skills or capacity to provide support outside of NYC.

We receive many more requests than there is money to support. **We rely on information from you, your loved one, and their lawyer to prioritize bail out support.** While funds are limited, we prioritize support for those facing the most immediate risks (physical, medical, mental, emotional) while locked up in NYC jails. Our financial limitations aside: EVERYONE DESERVES support; NO ONE SHOULD BE IN CAGE.

We are run by dedicated volunteers, who can currently respond only to requests we can support. We will carefully review your request. If you haven't heard from us, we're so sorry, but for now we had to prioritize other people in the jails.

After submitting this form, you can reach out to us at to follow up or update us about your family member or friend. We cannot take bail out requests by email (and requests by phone are more difficult for us to review), so we're glad you made it to this form!

Updated: January 14, 2022
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What is the name of the person you are requesting a community bail out for? (Please provide their full, legal name.) *
Do you or the person have any language translation needs?
What is their New York State ID Number or Book and Case Number? (if you know)
What is their bail amount? *
Are they medically vulnerable in any way? If so, how? Are they encountering any other harms in jail? Some examples: mental illness, violence, harassment, neglect, etc.
What is their attorney's information? (name, phone number, email) *
What is your contact information? (name, phone number) *
Anything else you'd like us to know?
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