Minister/Church Leader Reference Form
You have been selected as a reference for a student applying to live in the Christian Campus House (CCH) at the University of Missouri. CCH is a non-denominational, student-centered ministry that desires to bring Christians in the university community together for the sake of exalting Christ and being His Church. Complete and honest responses will be appreciated. Once received, this form will be a part of the applicant's confidential file.
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Please evaluate the applicant based on the following characteristics *
Personal maturity -- personal development; ability to cope with life situations
Emotional stability -- poise; mood stability; reaction to stress
Interpersonal Relationships -- cooperation; attitude toward authority figures; rapport with others
Empathy -- sensitivity to the needs of others
Leadership -- competence; self-confidence
Integrity -- honesty; moral character
Spiritual Commitment -- godly behavior; Christ-like attitude; servant attitude
Ministry Involvement -- regular participant in worship, evangelism, Christian service
Spiritual Growth -- a desire to know the Bible; spiritual things are a priority
Considering the values upheld by CCH, please evaluate how you feel the applicant would function and relate to other students and staff within the house and ministry? *
Do you recommend this applicant to live in the Christian Campus House? *
Note: If you marked "recommend with reservations" or "do not recommend" please explain your response below or contact CCH at 573-442-6443.
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