2018 RMBI Professional Fellowship Program Application
BEFORE YOU BEGIN – please read the following information. This application should take about 20-30 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about the application, please email rmbi@denverbrass.org or call 303-832-4676, Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm Mountain Time.

Please read the application carefully and complete all questions. Incomplete applications may take longer to process.

This application is for the Professional Fellowship Program. This program is designed for launching and professional ensembles that are looking to increase their competitive edge in performance expertise and business acumen. The Professional Fellowship Program provides classes and coaching tailored to your group’s specific needs and goals.

Any aspiring preformed group who is looking to take the next step in their professional career is welcome to apply to the program. We are looking for groups who are serious about developing their business acumen and who are seeking performance coaching to polish their artistry and showmanship.

There are limited openings in the Professional Fellowship Program. The institute reserves the right to not accept a Professional Fellowship group if it is felt that the quality and caliber of artistry is not adequate. Groups who apply for a PFP position and are not accepted as a fellowship group are automatically accepted into the institute as a standard preformed group.

Before submitting the application, you will be directed to pay your application fee online. Please click the payment link in the application to be directed back to the Mendez Brass Institute website, where you will be able to complete your payment.

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