Be The Change Gathering
Seattle, Washington, USA
10am June 5th – 5pm June 7th, 2020

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Transformational Leadership Path
At the end of the Be The Change gathering, participants will have the opportunity to apply to join the Transformational Leadership Path (TLP) if they so choose. More information about the Transformational Leadership Path:
Are you considering applying to join the TLP at the end of the Be The Change gathering?
Requested Contribution
We aspire to make it possible for everyone who wishes to participate in Cultural Catalyst Network events to be able to do so, and we acknowledge that socio-economic disparities impact a person’s ability to contribute financially. At the same time, certain resources go into organizing and hosting these events. So, we request a contribution on a sliding scale, and ask that we each contribute as generously as we are able.

We recognize that the additional application for requesting reduced rates and scholarships requires an extra effort from those already impacted by financial challenges.

Donor Rate ($450-$900) – If your current financial situation allows you to do so, we invite you to pay the donor rate. With this rate you contribute to social balance by cross-financing reduced rates and scholarships.

Rate 1 ($300) – If you have an income that enables you to, we invite you to pay Rate 1.

Rate 2 ($180) – If you are faced with a difficult financial situation, we invite you to pay Rate 2, describing your financial situation in the next section.

Partial Work Exchange – CCN is a collective effort and we need help in running events. In exchange for this help, there are a limited number of partial work exchange positions available, offering a rate reduction. Work Exchange tasks include helping with registration, videotaping, supporting those with special needs, and other admin tasks. Your help may be needed before, during and after the event hours. The deadline to apply for Work Exchange is 3 months before the start of the event.

Scholarship – There are a limited number of scholarships available for participants from disenfranchised groups and/or participants who are in a very difficult financial situation. Apply for a scholarship below by writing a brief statement of your need related to your request. Scholarships will be awarded as long as funds remain.
Check any of the following that apply for you
Request for Financial Assistance (Rate 2, Partial Work Exchange, or Scholarship)
If you are requesting financial assistance (Rate 2, Partial Work Exchange, or Scholarship), please describe: 1) your life circumstances; 2) the amount you are able to contribute financially; 3) the specific amount of financial support you are requesting; and 4) if you are applying for Work Exchange, feel free to describe any special skills or other relevant information. Financial assistance will depend on available resources.
Once we receive your registration, we will contact you regarding making a payment to reserve your place at the gathering.
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Thank you for joining us. We are very excited for this shared exploration!
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