Money Blocks Questionnaire
Please read the each question clearly, close your eyes and check what answer you get, write the first answer you get in your mind without analyzing or giving a second thought to it.
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1. If I have more money, I will fall victim to the sickness of greed. *
2. I am being driven by the illusion of power. *
3. I have to have more than anyone does in my family. *
4. It is wrong to have more than my family. *
5. I know the difference between my thoughts and others. *
6. I know the difference between my fear and my spouse’s fear of success. *
7. I have to save every Rupee I get. *
8. I have to spend every Rupee I get. *
9. I have to be punished for my mistakes in the past. *
10. The more I make the more I spend. *
11. Gods hates me *
12. God is punishing me. *
13. My partner is against my manifestations. *
14. I know the difference between the creator’s voice and my own ego. *
15. I have to have terrible problems in order to solve them. *
16. I have to work for someone else. *
17. I can’t move above my station in life. *
18. I am poor and I am proud of it. *
19. Rich people are run by greed. *
20. The rich people are my enemies. *
21. I will lose my friends / family if I become rich. *
22. If god loves me, God would make me rich. *
23. To succeed one have to be able to step on other people’s toes. *
24. Nobody wants me to be rich. *
25. If I am rich everybody will take it from me. *
26. People will hurt my family or me if I tell them that I cannot pay my bills. *
27. Bill collectors scare me. *
28. Responsibility scares me. *
29. No one else is there to help me. *
30. People use me. *
31. I am the scapegoat. *
32. I have to be poor to get close God. *
33. I fear the burdens of success. *
34. It works for everyone else but me. *
35. It is wrong to charge money for services. *
36. I feel guilty when people compensate me for my life. *
37. I know how to be accountable for my responsibilities. *
38. I know what if feels like to have my bills completely paid off. *
39. I know what I want. *
40. I know what I would do with lots of Rupies. *
41. The thought of a lot of money scares me. *
42. I can see how abundant I already am. *
43. People drive me crazy. *
44. I find something wrong in everyone I meet. *
45. I can live my life without gossip. *
46. It’s my mother / father’s fault that I have no money. *
47. If I am successful, my children will want it all. *
48. If I am successful, my parents will want it all. *
49. Success is money to me. *
50. Success is family to me. *
51. I am a lousy parent. *
52. I am lousy with money. *
53. I am a fast food junkie. *
54. I know where my money goes. *
55. I would rather buy food than material possessions. *
56. I would rather buy clothes than things for my home. *
57. I care what people think about me. *
58. People owe me things. *
59. Life owes me. *
60. I am not afraid of hard work, but I never get anywhere. *
61. I want somebody else’s life. *
62. I want somebody else’s body. *
63. I plan things, but they never come through. *
64. I know how to advertise for myself. *
65. My opinion matters. *
66. I come from a long line of poor people. *
67. I come from a long line of successful people. *
68. I hate money. *
69. Money is a nuisance to me. *
70. I like my reputation. *
71. I know how let other people know of their importance to God. *
72. I know how to build my reputation. *
73. I pay my bills. *
74. I know how to use my credit. *
75. I am married to God. *
76. It is wrong to have material possessions. *
77. If I will become rich, I will worship money. *
78. If I will become rich, I will forgot God. *
79. I am destined to be poor. *
80. It’s harder for a rich a man to get to heaven. *
81. It is everybody else’s fault. *
82. I am afraid I am going to make more money than my spouse does. *
83. I have to make everybody happy. *
84. I have to fail to please my parents. *
85. I have to succeed to please my parents. *
86. My siblings will hate me if have more than them. *
87. My friends will hate me if have more than them. *
88. I am honest with myself. *
89. I am honest with those around me. *
90. I have to go through hard times to be wealthy. *
91. I have to go through hard times to be happy. *
92. The Creator wants me to be happy. *
93. The Creator has already decided I will be poor. *
94. I can only be abundant in the next life. *
95. I can attain abundance in this life. *
96. I have to save the world. *
97. I have to save my family. *
98. Life is supposed to be difficult. *
99. Everything I have gone through in my life matters. *
100. If life is easy, the suffering I have done does not count. *
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