Onboarding Survey for Generative Art Project Launches
After you submit this form your project will follow our process:

1️⃣ TENK will create a private channel for project discussion
2️⃣ Call with TENK will be scheduled to review submission and agree to terms
3️⃣ Written agreement outlining terms
4️⃣ TENK assigns a PM to the project, creates a Trello board for project execution, Google Drive for sharing assets, and Spreadsheet for clear outline of variables being set in smart contracts.
5️⃣ Asynchronous working style with meetings as needed
6️⃣ All hands on deck for LAUNCH (which is just the beginning...)

Our pricing structure, as an estimate, is roughly as follows (adding up to a % TENK DAO recieves from primary sales and secondary royalties):

10% - required project management, contracted influencers, etc
10% - smart contract dev, config, deployment
5% - minting website
5% - artwork generation

Subtract 5% if at least 20% of project funds are going into an AstroDAO with 3+ council members.

The more details you share the easier it is for the TENK team to prioritize your project 🙏
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