An open letter of solidarity from CUNY full-time faculty
To our PSC colleagues:

We are full-time faculty at the City University of New York and proud members of our union, the Professional Staff Congress. A strong PSC has been instrumental in holding the line against the austerity politics of state and city leaders. In difficult times we stand together across campuses and job titles.

We believe that the single most important issue facing the union now is the treatment of the part-time faculty, who make up 45% of our bargaining unit and teach almost 60% of classes. These adjunct faculty are central to the education we deliver our undergraduates and are often our very own graduate students. They are teachers and scholars of distinction, but their working conditions have deteriorated to an unsustainable level. Beyond the injustice to these colleagues, this deterioration damages the success of our academic programs, erodes tenure, and weakens faculty governance and academic freedom for us all.

This contract must prioritize a livable wage for our adjunct colleagues. $7000 minimum per three-credit course is a crucial step in that direction and anything short of that is worth striking over.

In solidarity,
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