DD #10 Application form
This form is to apply to attend the Downunder Dynamics #10 event held at skydive Nagambie. It is not a registration form. Upon receiving your application you will be notified if you have or have not made the cut.

Please be honest with your skill level and don't be put off if you think you may be of too low of a skill level. There will be a reserve list for the event if numbers become low.
Jump No
Tunnel Time
Clear selection
Star crest
Rate your skill
Please when judging your skill level only write what you have done before not what you would like to do. This can have very large safety implications to you and others if not filled out correctly. It will also make the event run smoother and give u the best chance of progression from the beginning. Primacy in learning
Freefly Crest
Clear selection
PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE THING, Bellow chose your discipline for the event, You will not be able to change half way through. You will be stuck focusing on this. You MUST be COMPETENT at flying in an "8WAY" formation within chosen discipline ALREADY,
1st choice discipline
2nd choice discipline
Bellow only rate your self in your chosen Disciplines above, select everything you are COMPETENT at doing and have already done, not what you would like to try.
Head down Static
Head up static
Head up moving
Tracking, angles and Dynamic
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