Diamond Court Dental Practice - Patient Survey 2017
At Diamond Court Dental Practice we constantly strive to improve the service that we provide to our patients. We strongly value all forms of feedback and would be most grateful if you would spare just a few minutes to participate in our annual patient survey.

The results of the survey are completely anonymous and, in previous years, the survey has led to significant changes to the practice and the way in which it is run. This has included the implementation of daily emergency appointments, the installation of automatic doors in our main entrance and cosmetic improvements to the surgeries and waiting room.

Please also find a comments box at the end of the survey which gives you the opportunity to make any additional suggestions or comments about the practice or to expand on any of your answers.

If you have any questions about the survey, please don't hesitate to contact us at reception@diamondcourtdental.co.uk or call (01629) 812991.

Thank-you very much for your help - it is greatly appreciated!

1. How would you rate the overall appearance of the practice?
2. How would you rate access to the practice?
3. How would you rate the level of service received from our receptionists?
4. How would you rate your experience of booking an appointment?
5. How would you rate the availability of appointments?
6. How would you rate the information available in our waiting room (e.g. information screen, leaflets)?
7. How would you rate our website?
8. Do you feel that your confidentiality is respected during your dental appointments?
9 (a). Do you feel that we gave you the opportunity to consent to your dental treatment?
9 (b). If you answered "No" to the previous question please give further details to explain the reason behind your answer.
Your answer
10. Did you understand your proposed dental treatment and were you made aware of the costs?
11. Do you feel that you were treated with dignity and respect throughout your visit to the practice?
12. How would you rate the level of cross infection control at the practice?
13. How welcoming, professional and efficient were our dental nurses?
14. All patient records are stored securely at the Practice. Are you aware of when and how your personal information is shared?
15 (a). Would you be interested in attending an Open Evening/Day at the Practice?
15 (b). If you answered "Yes" to the previous question please give details on the types of things that you would like to be included in an Open Evening/Day.
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16. The following services are all available at our Practice. Please tick the services that you have either already used or were already aware of (please tick as many boxes as applicable).
17. Are you aware of how to access out of hours emergency dental treatment?
18. Overall, how would you rate the service and treatment you received at the practice?
Please use the space below for any additional comments and/or to expand on any of your answers.
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