2019 Midwest Nerdlesque Fest Application
Thanks for applying for the festival! Dates are November 22-23, 2018. Submit $15 for Applications via PayPal to midwestnerdlesque@gmail.com to complete the application.

The application fee is waived for POC, trans, and other marginalized folks. Please note that you'd like to take advantage of this on the paypal confirmation line.

Applications are open April 1 - June 10

There is no limit to the number of acts submitted, but an application fee is required for every form submitted. It is not required that you submit two acts, but if two acts are submitted, all fields must be completed. If you have trouble with uploading the music or photos, please email them to midwestnerdlesque@gmail.com with your stage name.

Entries are judged by the MNF committee on the following:
Overall Concept, Dance Skill, Originality, Stage Presence, Character Representation, Costume, and Song Choice

We cannot accept fire, aerial, or overly messy acts due to venue restrictions.

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