Gender Euphoria: words for future genders
WE ARE PAST DEADLINE for adding to the photo prompt sheets for this project, however you can still add to our library of future genders here!

Please take 5 minutes to help us gather words describing possible futures of gender. So that they can be used in the project, we would like to receive as many responses as possible by Monday, June 29. Please share widely!

1. Close your eyes. Imagine a future gender. It could be five years from now or five thousand years from now. It could be human or inhuman. What could it look like? What color(s) is it? What shape(s) is it? What does it sound and smell like? What does it wear, how does it move? What is its spirit?

2. Now, write down 3-10 words that come to mind and share them with us. Verbs, nouns and adjectives are all welcome.

This ask is part of Sum of its Parts, a collaborative photo project by Zeph Fishlyn that is part of Five Oaks Museum's Gender Euphoria exhibit. We will remix all of the words we get into prompts that will inspire our project participants to create photographs offering glimpses of future genders. For more information about the project go to:
words for a future gender
If you'd like to be credited as a collaborator or hear more about this project, put your email address here
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