Fall 2017 Garden Apprenticeship Program
Program Description

Looking for a comprehensive and immersive program exploring regenerative design, gardening, and farming? The Garden Apprenticeship Program is designed with self sufficiency in mind, exploring regenerative and restorative design theory as a foundational pillar for sustainable garden and farming techniques. As a ten week program, participants will meet twice a week to pair conceptual theory with hands on application opportunities.

As a participant, you will be introduced to theory and concepts in the classroom and in turn apply it at the Office of Sustainability’s demonstration gardens and living, edible landscapes. The program will begin with the integral role of soil and build into a variety of sustainable agricultural techniques and methodologies. We will also be working with community partners like the Florence Crittenton garden and the Slow Food Charleston Chapter. The purpose of this program is to equip you with the skills necessary to be self sufficient, implement your own unique designs, and to garden and farm with ecologically, socially, and economically restorative techniques.

Our meeting times will be held Monday & Thursday of each week from 3-5 pm, excluding fall and Thanksgiving holidays.


Certificate of statement of completion
Comprehensive overview of Regenerative Design Theory & Hands on experience
Sustainable gardening and farming knowledge + experience
Community networking with local organizations, experts & businesses
Immersive experience and hands on application
Greenhouse practices, planting, and urban gardening experience
DIY Workshops

Please fill out the google application to the best of your abilities. We are looking for self motivated and passionate students who are willing to commit to meeting twice weekly, and to become heavily immersed in learning concepts and attending hands on opportunities. This program is an immersive experience and is meant to provide you with practical skills you might not otherwise learn in a University setting!

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