Bachata Jack and Jills Championships Asia 2017

Since the inception of SBW 2016, the Jack and Jills (J&J) has been a sensational hit and we definitely want to repeat it this year!

J& J is a format of competition in partner dancing and they are a measure of your social dance ability. The raw ability to take a random partner and a random song and make something magical out of it.
With the J&J competition, we hope to challenge dancers to get a new special dancing experience and to focus on connection, creativity, harmony and musicality.

° Format of the Competition
J&J contest will have 3 eliminations rounds.
There will be a 1st round with all competitors, 2nd round semi-final with the half number of competitors and a 3rd round with 5-6 couples in the final.

The dancers sign up individually. Every participant will be given a new partner randomly prior to each round. They will be judged individually, not as couples. The dancers who will be selected for the next round will get a new partner randomly.

Please note that ALL our competitions are GENDER NEUTRAL! You can lead or follow!

° Music
Music for each dance is selected without the participants' prior knowledge. Each round will have 2 songs with maximun of 4 minutes total.

° Judging Criteria
One of the key elements of a J&J contest is the element of improvisation. Try to dance in harmony with your new partner, while dancing to the specific characteristics of a random song or "express musicality".
The judges will select the dancers by judging musicality, improvisation, usage of space, rhythm, creativity, leading/following technique and harmony of the dance couple.

° The Judges
The judges will be the our Artistes for SBW 2017!

° How to sign up
Participants must have a minimum Full Party Pass or Full Event Pass to participate at the competition.

Sign up on or send an email to if you already bought your ticket.

° Registration Fee: $15 per pax (Pay via PAYPAL)

° Place and Schedule
- Sunday 21 May 8 pm: LE DANZ, 222 Queen Street, Singapore

Special Bonus Segment: Switchly Bachata! (New for 2017!)
Enter the Jack and Jill as a dancer (not a leader or follower). You will get paired with another dancer who could be a leader or a follower, a man or a woman, or even a robot. Who knows. Both dancers will need to lead and follow during the competition. How you execute that is completely up to you.

Good luck to all and welcome to the 2nd Asia Bachata Jack and Jill Championships 2017!
Happy dancing!

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