2017-2018 All-ASA Executive Board Application
This is the application for the 2017-2018 All-Armenian Student Association (All-ASA) executive board member positions. You may only complete one application. You can learn more about each position as described in the All-ASA constitution located on our website.

Once you have applied, more details will be e-mailed to you. Elections will take place at the third All-ASA general body meeting on Sunday June 25th, where all candidates will have the opportunity to represent themselves.

The deadline to submit an application is Saturday June 24th, 2017 at 11:59 PM.


1. To oversee the All-ASA body and advise and support the organization in order to maintain set policies, procedures, and adherence to the governing documents.
2) Maintain overall responsibility for the operation of the All-ASA, particularly with calling all regular and special meetings
3) Act as the liaison and representative of the All-ASA within thecommunity
4) Appointment of programming and administrative committees with consultation and approval from the All-ASA Senate

1) Responsible for performing the duties of the Chair in his/her absence
2) Maintain overall responsibility over the appointed committees of the All-ASA, both programming and administrative
3) Work with all committees in administering procedure and process
Responsible for convening a committee for a yearly review of the All-ASA Constitution 4) Responsible for taking on vacant position until they are filled

1) Responsible for taking meetings at all All-ASA Senate Meeting and posting them within 48 hours of the meeting
2) Work with the programming and administrative committees in preparing and distributing minutes of their meetings
3) Responsible for setting a clear agenda for All-ASA Senate and All-ASA General BodyMeetings 4) Responsible for maintaining a collective calendar that includes programming from all organizations
5) Obtain and update contact information for organizations

1) Preparation and maintenance of All-ASA yearly budget
2) Responsible for collection, processing, and distribution of any funds that are acquired by All- ASA, including dues
3) Documentation of all revenues and expenditures, detailed account of alltransactions
4) Must submit a financial status report at every All-ASA Senate Meeting and an annual financial report at the end of the year
5) Must provide budgeting information and allocation to all committees, with consultation of All-ASA Senate

Director of Public Relations
1) Responsible for working with Secretary and Webmaster for promotion of All-ASA organization events
2) Conducting all modes of publicity for All-ASA events
3) Preparation of media alerts and press releases for All-ASA events
4) Maintaining contact with and have a database of media networks (newspapers, magazines, news networks, etc.)

Director of Information Technology
The position is going to be changed during the GBM. The responsibilities are going to be performed by the Director of Public Relations.
1) Maintenance and promotion of the All-ASA Website
2) Maintenance of the All-ASA social networking sites
3) Responsible for recording and databasing all of the All-ASA events
4) Promotion and circulation of events and programs of the All-ASAorganizations 5) Responsible for maintaining and updating an All-ASA mailing list

Director of Community Outreach
The position is going to be changed during the GBM. The responsibilities are going to be performed by the Director of Public Relations.
1) Maintaining contact with and have a database of various community organizations, Armenian and non-Armenian
2) Responsible for coordinating community service and philanthropic activities
3) Reporting to the All-ASA on community-wide events and opportunities
4) Liaison between the All-ASA and various community organizations

Director of Socials/Fundraising
1) Responsible for planning and coordinating all social activities of the All-ASA, at least one per academic quarter
2) Coordinate with Treasurer in research and application for local and national organizational service grants

1) Advise executive board members and committee chairs with comprehensive direction and guidance as they plan projects and events
2) Serve as a resource to the various administrative and programmingcommittees
3) Assess risk management of All-ASA initiatives
4) Responsible for planning and coordinating trainings for the executive board

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