TLCEE Leadership Supplemental Application
This is the TLCEE Leadership supplemental application. This is to completed by the student in addition to our hand written application. This short application is to gather information on our student to provide to our instructor necessary information, so they may better serve our students. Within this application, your email address, will serve as your username for your academic portal, therefore, your email cannot be used by other students.
NOTE: This Application is to be filled out with local Coordinator instruction
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Last Name
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First Name
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Middle Name
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Are you participating in any other after-school activities?
What are your thoughts on pursuing higher education (college)?
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Are you currently taking any College Prep courses in High School?
Have you discussed university requirements with a counselor in High School?
Do you feel you have enough knowledge to pursue higher education?
Has anyone in your immediate family ever attended college?
Have you taken the PSAT/SAT/ACT?
If you have not, when do you plan to take the SAT/ACT or PSAT?
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Please tell us something about yourself. This should include your interests, activities, and anything that describes you to others (hobbies, after-school activities, sports, academic interests, etc)
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