Social Media Photos Package
Welcome to Cherry Pie’s Instagram & Social Media Photos Package! We’re excited for your growing career! In order for us to most effectively serve you, please click which item(s) you’d like to purchase below.
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If you’ve selected PACKAGE 1, please let us know what date you need the photos by. Also, to ensure you receive the best quality photos, we'll ask you to send a physical copy of your book’s cover (or you can send the book itself) to our photographer. *
If you’ve selected PACKAGE 4 (15 Pack Bookstagram Stock Photos), please let us know which variation you’d prefer. We currently offer 6 packets (types seen below) with 15 photos in each. *
If you’ve selected PACKAGE 5 , please let us know (1) how many pics you want (10 or 20), (2) if you’d prefer them filtered or unfiltered, (3) if filtered, please give the handles of two Instagram accounts you’d like the filter & photo aesthetic styled after. *
Also for Package 5: The below are examples of custom photos. Please click all the set-ups (not filters) you like. *
Thank you for your inquiry! We look forward to connecting with you soon!
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