Copy of Choose Your Own Adventure|13 Colonies Edition
You live in England in the 1700s. Life is not exactly great. In fact, it's kind of terrible. There are not enough jobs and there are not very many opportunities for you to improve your life. Many of your family members have died from diseases.

Recently, you have been hearing stories about the American colonies. If you move to colonies, you could become rich! There are tons of adventures! You can start a new life! Unfortunately, it is too expensive to book passage on a ship going across the Atlantic. You'll never be able to afford it.

Suddenly, you hear that an extremely wealthy relative has died. At first you feel sad, but then you learn that your relative wanted to make your dream of moving to the colonies come true. They have left you money to book passage on a ship and buy some basic supplies. Now you're ready to start your own adventure in the American colonies!

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