Team Secret Fencing Club Summer Camp
Camp Location: 4855 Hopyard Rd C-9, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Phone Contact: (415) 810-4091
Coach: Dolzhenko Bogdan
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Liability Waiver: I understand and appreciate that participation in sport carries a risk of serious injury, including permanent paralysis and death. I knowingly accept and assume this risk and release the Team Secret Fencing Club, their coaches and officers from any liability.I willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions for participation in this sport. If however, I observe any unusual or unnecessary hazard during my presence or participation, I will bring such to the attention of the nearest official immediately.This is to certify that I/we as parent(s)/guardian(s) with legal responsibility for this participant do consent and agree not only to his/her release, but also for myself/ourselves, and my/our heirs, assignees and next of kin to release and indemnify the releases from any and all liability incident to my/our minor child’s involvement as stated above, even if arising from the negligence of the releases, to the fullest extent permitted by law. *
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