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Skate Academy offers you the first modular training package for skaters of all levels.We are glad to provide such complete and individualised training under such professional supervision.

"it is not only a camp, it is an EXPERIENCE you will always remember!"

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Coaching Staff
Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Gheorghe Chiper

Coaches and Choreographers: Sandra Schär Chiper, Zoltan Kelemen, Kelsey McNeil , Alexander Gazsi and Myriam Leuenberger, Myrna Kamara, Dmitry Khamzin

International Guest Coach: to be confirmed soon
A Team committed to EXCELLENCE!
The Camp
Summer is the training period when the basis for the performances of the upcoming skating season are set. Training must include several aspects as to mention technique, spins, steps, choreography, endurance, strength, interpretation. However skaters should be looked at as different individuals with different needs. For this reason we have created the first modular training package in Switzerland, where skaters can addapt and complete the training packages that suit their goals, needs. Please consult your own or Skate Academy coach before registering online.
You must have your own medical and cancelation insurance!

The Skate Academy Staff and international level guest coaches (still to be announced) will support you in the training process towards the new competitive season. During the Skate Academy summer camp you will enjoy professional support in a friendly and competitive environment.
Basic Package *
This Package is for all skaters. 12 Sessions Ice training: Technique, Steps & Spins / 5 Sessions Ballett and/or Off-ice / Ice reservation for the course sessions is included / Additional booking for Fit Plus, Ice Plus and Private lessons is possible.
Week 1  / Monday 13 July - Saturday 18 July 2020 / Price 550.- Sfr
Week 2  / Monday 20 July - Saturday 25 July 2020 / Price 550.- Sfr
Week 3  / Monday 27 July - Saturday 1 August 2020 / Price 550.- Sfr
Week 4  / Monday 10 August - Saturday 15 August 2020 / Price 550.- Sfr
FIT Plus / Athletic / 1 Session / 20.- Sfr *
In case you wish to book the additionally FIT Plus Sessions (Off-ice/ Athletic training) please choose bellow
ICE Plus / Patches / 4 Ice Sessions per week / 60.- Sfr *
In case you wish to book the ICE Plus Package (Patch- Ice sessions for training alone) please choose bellow
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Privat Plus / 60 SFr per 25 Min (Ice reservation is included) *
In case you wish to book private lessons please choose bellow.
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2 Lessons
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4 Lessons
5 Lessons
6 Lessons
Comments concerning the private lessons
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in Summer Camp 2020 we will not provide Acommodation. However we can assist you. Please provide the
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Week 1  / Monday 13 July - Saturday 18 July 2020
Week 2  / Monday 20 July - Saturday 25 July 2020
Week 3  / Monday 27 July - Saturday 1 August 2020
Week 4  / Monday 10 August - Saturday 15 August 2020
Additional infos / Comments
Please add here additional infos that you consider that Skate Academy needs to have while planning the camp, accommodation, meals.
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Please read below the general terms and complete the application form. Thank you.
Changes to the coaches staff may occur.
General terms and payment rules
This Application does not automatically guarantee the participation to Skate Academy summer Camps.

You will receive within 72 Hours from application a confirmation email containing provisional information and the provisional invoice. All payment information will be send to you together with the invoice. Only bank transfers are accepted. No Credit card payments are possible.

Based on the information received through the application, Skate Academy will form the training groups. Therefore we ask you to provide accurate information. In case there is more information required in order to make the appropriate group division, Skate Academy will contact you. Changes in the time schedule and groups division can be made only by the coaching staff of the camp. Applicants will receive the detailed time schedule per email prior to the beginning of the camp. The Skate Academy reserves the right to make changes to the coach’s staff and/or to the course content

During the Summer Camp Private lessons are 25 Min and include the ice reservation.

Applying for Choreography and/or additional Technique lessons does not automatically guarantee the possibility of having all the requested lessons. Depending on the number of applications, the number of hours reserved for Choreography/ additional Technique can vary. All applicants for Choreography and additional Technique lessons will be informed before beginning of Skate Academy – Summer Camp 2020 about this matter. All payments for the reserved Choreography and additional Technique lessons have to be made upon receipt of the invoice, with no banking costs for the receiver. In case the payment is not received in due time Skate Academy reserves the right to cancel the reserved lessons. You will receive all necessary information concerning the awarded lessons, the corresponding invoice and payment formalities after we receive your Application.

Depending on the amount of requests, some group lessons may overlap with eventually scheduled private choreography or technique lessons. We will do our best to find a replacement possibility for those group lessons, but no guarantee can be offered in such cases.

Skate Academy GmbH and coaches deny any injury liability. Participants must provide their own medical and/or accident insurance. The Skate Academy GmbH is not responsible for damages caused by the Skate Academy Summer Camp participants to a third party. Participants will be responsible for any damage caused to third party and will cover any costs due by the damages caused.

Please provide your own cancellation insurance. No refund is possible.
General terms and payment rules - Summer Camp 2020 *
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