BandPage Group

We're starting a group of BandPage Bands, musicians, artists, and managers that are doing great stuff on Facebook. Folks that are updating their Facebook Page regularly, using BandPage, and interested in learning more and experimenting with us.

We're asking everyone that's interested to fill out the form below, and we'll gradually add people into the group over time. You may not get in right away, and we don't mean any disrespect, we just want to take things a bit slow in the beginning as we try this out!

Thanks so much!
-Sam Houston
Community Manager @ RootMusic
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How many times a week do you update your Facebook Page? *
Post a status update, add pictures, video, events, etc
Are you interested in and willing to test things out on your Facebook Page, and report back the results to RootMusic? *
Tests could include posting photos a couple times a week, and sharing with us how many comments, likes, etc you received.
What are you most interested in learning more about with respect to your artist's Facebook Page? *
In other words, What do you want to do better?
Thanks so much!!
****All info will be kept private and not shared with anyone outside of the RootMusic Staff without your expressed permission. We'll never sell your info to anyone, sign you up for shady mailing lists, etc. We hate that kind of stuff too, and would never want to do that to you. Thanks for your trust, we appreciate it! ****
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