Fall 2020 FDHS Orchestra
Your input is valued! Mrs. Payne would like to know what interests you the most for the upcoming fall semester. What do you want to learn this Fall semester??
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If we have to utilize any type of alternative learning (e-learning, distance learning, smaller class sizes, etc.) what would you be most interested in learning?
Focus on method book and technique/skills (such as etudes, scales, shifting, etc.)
Learn more about Music Theory and Composition
Learn small ensemble/chamber music pieces
Learn pieces from other cultures
Learn more about music history and excerpts from famous pieces
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Is there anything else you would be interested in learning that is not listed above?
What can Mrs. Payne do to help you stay interested, involved and on-task during any type of alternative learning setting? Please specify what did/did not work based upon your NTI experience in orchestra (either at your Middle School, other school, or FDHS).
Any other questions or comments?
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