Glasgow Guardian Applications 2019/20
The Glasgow Guardian are now recruiting for next year's management team (2019/20)! Applications will be open until 23:59 on 1st July.

The Glasgow Guardian is the University of Glasgow's only student newspaper. It has a long tradition of investigative and campaign journalism, but also includes a thriving opinion section, an all-encompassing culture section, an exploratory features section, an exciting new science and tech section, and a booming sports section. The paper prides itself on being the home of good writers and photographers from across the campus. It is open to all University of Glasgow students who can write, photograph, illustrate or design. The Glasgow Guardian was last year shortlisted for thirteen awards by the Student Publication Association, including Best Publication, Best Science & Tech Section, and Best News Story.

There are seven sections: news, views, features, investigations, culture, science and tech, and sport. The production team puts the physical copy together and the management team, well, manages the processes and procedures that keep the whole thing on track. The Editors-in-Chief oversee the whole process, but it is truly a team effort.

Enthusiasm counts for a lot more than experience in this process. What matters is a commitment to the principles which underpin the newspaper as a whole. We believe in good journalism, freedom of information, and campaigning in the interests of students at the University of Glasgow. Anybody who shares those values, and can make the time commitment, is welcome to apply for a position on the team. Experience is useful but not essential. We would welcome an application from anybody who believes that they can make a contribution to help this newspaper achieve its core objectives.

All roles are voluntary and unpaid. You may submit more than one application. You will be considered for any role you apply for. Please read all application fields carefully.

Please consider the time commitments of any role(s) you apply for and ensure you can make time alongside your studies/job to work on The Glasgow Guardian.

Please note that job descriptions and roles are subject to slight adjustments made by the incoming Editors-in-Chief, as strengths, time commitments, and other areas are taken into account.

Applicants will be shortlisted and interviews will be conducted for all of the senior positions, as well as other positions depending upon on the number of applicants.

Good luck!

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