Application to Foster for Pug Patrol Rescue Australia
Pug Patrol Rescue Australia is an Australian wide rescue group committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of exploited pugs and pug crosses.

We would not be who we are without our dedicated team of volunteers.

Becoming a foster carer is not just about having a ‘pug’ at home. The role of a foster carer is to welcome a Pug Patrol Rescue pug into your home and care for them as it was one of your own and welcome it into your family.

Many pugs come from places that are horrible; they have been locked up cages, left outside or left in garages. Therefore, your role as a foster carer is to help in the rehabilitation, which may include toilet training, learning how to socialise with other dogs and people, as well as learning on how to walk on a lead.

Whilst a pug is in your care, you will be required to transport the pug to one of Pug Patrol Rescue vets, assist in finding the pug a new home through applications we receive, as well as, arranging meet and greets and undertaking home checks.

Although it may sound like quite a lot to do, becoming a foster carer is a rewarding experience!
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