2017 U-22 West Australian Teams Player EOI
This form is for those who are interested in trying out for the Under-22 West Australian Teams who will attend the 2017 Australian Under-22 Ultimate Championships in Sydney, New South Wales from 24-26 November 2017.

To be eligible to play you must be born AFTER 1 January 1995
Age Restrictions: The WA teams will be accepting players 15 years and older. (Born before 31 December 2002)

A selection event will be held for all interested athletes;

When: Sunday 3rd September 2017. 9:00am - 1:00pm
Where: Charles Court Reserve, Nedlands 6009
What: Men's, Mixed and Women's team try outs.

This event is estimated to cost $900-$1000, which includes; Tournament fees, flights, accommodation, uniforms, food, etc.
WA Ultimate will endeavour to reduce the costs of this campaign as much as possible, to encourage more participation.

Please complete the following information.

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Teams that you are interested in trying out for? *
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Note: choosing preference doesn't mean that you will not be selected for another team, this will be used as a deciding factor if you are selected within two teams. eg. Player is chosen for the Womens and Mixed team; players preference was to play in the mixed team; player is selected in the mixed team.
How long have you been playing Ultimate for? *
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What role do you play on the field? *
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This campaign is estimated to cost between $900-1000. Are you in a position to make payments toward this campaign when required? *
A payment plan will be released which will require bulk payments on a timely basis. smaller payments can be arranged at the discretion of the team manager.
Are you available to attend the 2017 Australian U22 Championships in Sydney, 24-26 November (3 days)? *
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