Parent Safety Survey
Please choose one response to each of the following statements.
Which campus does your child attend? Check all that apply. *
Students feel safe at this school
School disturbances are infrequent.
Gangs are not a problem in this school
Drugs are not a problem in this school.
Everyone's racial and ethnic heritage is respected at this school.
There is an effort to praise and reward those who do well.
The school rules and expectations are clear and well known by students.
The consequences for violating school rules are applied consistently.
This school's faculty enforces school rules fairly and appropriately.
Security personnel have a good working relationship with principals and teachers.
Security personnel are respected and liked by the students they serve.
A good working arrangement exists between the local law enforcement and the school.
The effects of vandalism on campus are quickly repaired.
The school buildings are free of hazards that can cause accidental injury.
This school is a well-maintained and pleasant place.
This school has adequate resources to help students in an emergency or crisis.
This school's goals and priorities are clear.
Administrators provide strong leadership.
There is clear coordination between this school and other public agencies, such as the police, county juvenile probation, and county mental health
I feel welcomed when I visit the school.
The school has programs to involve parents in their child's education.
Our community is involved with the school.
As a parent, what are your biggest concerns in the area of School Safety?
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