Builder Application
This application is to become a part of our build team. After your application is accepted you will receive a message from Iruu or a SrBuilder on discord, if you are denied you will not receive a message. If you do not receive a message or a friend request within one month then your application has most likely been denied. On discord we will message you further details about the trial. The application is for us to begin to understand you both as a person and a builder. You will be tested on your knowledge of building and gameplay design but we don’t expect you to be perfect. Just try your best!

As a builder, you will be expected to:
- Maintain an active role in our Discord channel and participate in group discussion.
- Have free time to dedicate towards building for the network and other projects..
- Work as a team and at times independently to ensure build task deadlines are met
- Be mature and responsible within the server, a builder rank is not a free pass to break the rules.

Builder requirements:
- Be at least 13 years old of age.
- Must have/be able to install and use Discord.
- Must provide several images of your past builds (Stealing builds could result in you being blacklisted from applying).
- Have good flexibility for you to be able to work around time schedules and due dates.
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