Artist Alley Reservation Application
Welcome to Vancoufur2020 Artist Alley Registration signups. Please note that acceptance is on a first come, first serve basis, however you can only reserve up to 2 days in our Artist Alley. Payment is due at the convention before taking your seat. If you need to know more about our AA, please see our website at

Please note you must be ** registered ** to attend the convention **before you apply**. If you have not yet registered, be sure to do so immediately after filling this form.

If you are not registered in our system, you will not qualify for a reservation. You do not have to pay, but you do need to be registered in the system.
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Legal First, and Last name.
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Please use the same one as you registered to attend with.
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This is the name of your table that will be posted in the alley. If you do not have one just use your badge/fan name.
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Please be sure that this is correct, and you are checking this email as it will be the one we will communicate with you about your status at.
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This could be a telegram, discord, twitter, or even phone number so we can reach you in case your email does not work.
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We will try our best to accommodate this, but days are not guaranteed.
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Notes & Questions
If you have a question or consideration you want us to know about, such as people to sit next to, or people you do not want to sit next to, power or wifi considerations, or anything else you'd like the AA team to know about, please note it here. Please note that wifi and power are not guaranteed. While we try our best, we can't promise that to AA patrons at this time.
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