2021 Exeter Jr. Baseball
Coaching Application - IMPORTANT!
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Please APPLY HERE for 2021 Coach Openings - PLEASE READ
Coaches are our league's MOST IMPORTANT volunteers!!!

If you would like to be a HEAD or ASSISTANT Coach at ANY age group for our upcoming 2021 Exeter Jr. Baseball season, we ask ALL coach candidates to APPLY for consideration by answering ALL the questions below. So...whether your child may be one of our youngest and will enter our ROOKIE LEAGUE program, or your player is 'the most senior' of our SENIOR BABE RUTH LEAGUE players, if you desire to coach, we ask that you fill out this APPLICATION in full.

Each season our 'Coaching Selection Task Group' vets potential candidates by utilizing coach submissions in this application. No matter if you are the NEWEST or the most SEASONED veteran coach (yes, EJBSL board members too), we ask ALL coaches to complete this application in full EACH year. REMINDER: This is NOT a REGISTRATION, it's an APPLICATION as coaching vacancies each year are filled based upon each season's needs. Submitting an application does not guarantee a coaching position. Coach REGISTRATION comes later once/if you've been selected to coach (typically determined in Early March). At that point of selection, a team would be assigned, background checks will be submitted and all waivers will be signed. Please note that our league will be instituting a more clarified CONDUCT policy for all families, players and coaches that will be required to be signed off on for participation in our league.

Most Importantly, this is an application for EVERYONE who wishes to coach in our league. It is not designed to ONLY find those candidates who seem to have compiled a robust baseball resume over their lifetime. Our selection team certainly takes into account ALL criteria during their decision process including but not limited to: Answers submitted, timeframe answers were submitted, & past experience/performance/attitude as a coach whether in our league or elsewhere.

Thank you for taking the time to take ALL the necessary steps to coach in our league which begins by thoroughly answering all the requested questions.
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By submitting this form, I certify that all statements made by me on this application are true and complete. I understand that false statements on this application may result in denial or dismissal of a coaching appointment.

I understand that the "Coach Selection Committee" picked by EJBSL Board of Directors will take certain factors into consideration when evaluating applications for Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for the season's coaching nominations, and are not limited to the questions asked as part of this application.

A single Head Coach will be assigned for each 9-12 year old Cal Ripken level team. This may or may not be the case at the Rookie League or Babe Ruth level. Head Coaches are given responsibility of choosing Assistant Coaches from the applicant pool and then obtaining EJBSL board approval for those candidates chosen.

I understand that a background check will be performed on me if I am appointed to a Head Coach or Assistant Coach position. I will agree to take any steps requested by EJBSL to allow that background check to be performed.

I understand that changes to the CODE of CONDUCT have been made and I agree to sign off on them prior to league activities. 2021 CODE OF CONDUCT waiver will come under future separate cover.
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