Let's Talk About Water DELFT 2016
Thank you for attending this years Film and Water Event and for giving us valuable feedback.

Our program was designed to engage and educate audiences in Water Science through the power of film. Through this brief survey, we would like to better understand what impact the program had on you.

Completing the questions will take less than five minutes of your time. Thank you for helping us improve Let's Talk About Water!

Linda Lilienfeld

At which school do you study?
Which event did you attend?
What describes you best
How did you hear about this event?
How did you enjoy the film (if you visited one)?
boring/ disliked it
very interesting/ really enjoyed it
How did you enjoy the guest speaker(s)?
boring/ diskliked it
very interesting/ really enjoyed it
How would you describe your understanding of water issues, as a result of the following:
no change
somewhat better informed
I see the big picture
Strong understanding
I can apply what I learned
Watching a film
Guest Speaker
Lightning Talks
From your perspective, what were the major water issue(s) addressed by the event. Are there particular ideas or issues you'd like to learn more about after one of the sessions?
Your answer
Do you believe that this Water and Film Event was effective at conveying information about water and related issues?
not at all
very much so!
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