Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve Outreach Survey
Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve is a University of Minnesota ecological research site with diverse habitats that represent the entire state of Minnesota. For nearly 75 years, world-renowned scientists have made Cedar Creek their workplace. The modern science of ecosystem ecology was conceived here in the 1940s, and redefined here in the 1980s. Radio collars for animal tracking were invented by U of MN scientists working at Cedar Creek. Long-term research on prescribed burning for savannas began here in the 1960s. Currently two of the most influential ecologists in the world, David Tilman and Peter Reich, conduct their primary research at Cedar Creek.

To complement Cedar Creek's commitment to world-class research, we are also dedicated to sharing our work with the public. We run educational programs for all age groups, including many field trips for school-aged youth, and are currently working to expand our public program offerings. We would appreciate your input on the types of events and programming you'd like to participate in at the field site! The options listed below are not current offerings, but are instead a list of ideas for potential future programs. Please mark as many boxes as you'd like, and feel free to write in your own ideas! If you would like to be on a mailing list for future events and programs, please provide your email address as well.

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If you’d like more information on future public events, please provide your email address below or contact Caitlin Barale Potter (caitlin@umn.edu).
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