2017-2018 AEA Ogemaw Student Survey
Why survey?
This survey gives us important feedback about the student experience - your experience - at the Alternative Educational Academy. Please be honest! And thoughtful! Your answers will be kept anonymous, and they will help us improve teaching and learning for AEA students like you. Your voice is important.

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How important is it to you to do well in classes? *
Are you learning in your online classes at the AEA? *
What is a major strength of the AEA *
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What is a major weakness at the AEA? *
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Is your teacher available/helpful to you when you need help? *
How many hours weekly do you typically spend in your classes? *
How often do you attend the AEA Learning Lab? *
If you do not attend the learning lab, why not?
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I feel safe at the learning lab *
I can get help when I need it at the learning lab. *
Student behavior at the learning lab distracts me *
I learn better *
I like learning on-line *
I feel my teacher cares about my success at school *
My teacher encourages me to do my best *
My teacher's expectations of me are *
What is one thing that your teacher does that makes you try particularly hard in class? *
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What is one thing that your teacher could do to make you work even harder in class? *
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What is one thing you could do to make yourself try even harder in class? *
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What can the AEA do to help make classes and learning more interesting? *
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What classes do you like best? Why? *
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What classes do yo like least? Why? *
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Are there any classes we don't offer at the AEA that you'd like to see us offer? *
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What 1-2 things could we do to improve your education? (Please be as specific as possible) *
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What are two things that AEA does well that it should continue to do? (Please be as specific as possible) *
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What study habit or learning approach, that you use, seems most effective for helping you succeed in school? *
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Check the highest level of education completed by your mother and father. If unsure, take your best guess. *
Thank you for your time and thought.
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