Do non-artistic factors affect film selecting?
Are inspiration and virtuosity enough for a filmmaker to be heard in the field of contemporary art? We don't know yet, but we are eager to find out.

We've selected such "non-artistic factors" as COUNTRY, CATEGORY, GENRE, LENGTH, and BUDGET to find out how they relate to the success of films at festivals. For each film, a separate form should be filled. Please, fill If you have no less than 50 submissions and for at least a half of year passed after the last submission. The form is anonymous.

We kindly ask to dedicate one minute of your time to fill in the form and, if possible, share it with your filmmaker friends.
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If you are interested, don’t waste time! We are looking forward to your responses!

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The next four questions will help to discover a correlation between category, genre, length, budget of a fim and its accepting rate.
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Academy Award-Qualifying festivals, FIAPF festivals.
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You can suggest studying any other object! Also we would like to get any feedback on this questionary. Thanks in advance!
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