Imagine Our Future Survey
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Waterloo Region's Climate Action Plan means our community is taking local action to address climate change. Waterloo Region's current goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6% below 2010 levels, and to achieve this target by 2020.

With support from across the region, we're making great progress toward our 2020 target. And we're already looking ahead to setting our community's next, long-term target for greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and we need to hear from you! Please answer the questions below and let us know where you think Waterloo Region should be heading.

Your vision
For the first question, we would like to ask you about these four broad descriptions of Waterloo Region in the year 2050.
Image text, left to right: Status Quo (More cars on roadway, Poor air quality, Climate events, High energy costs), Baby Steps (Still car dependent,  Some renewable energy, Climate events impact the vulnerable, Encroaching on greenbelt), Show Leadership (Robust transportation system, Lower impact of climate events, Local renewable energy,  Low-carbon buildings), Big Transformations (Energy stability, Walkable communities, Clean air, Regenerative buildings).
Which of the above descriptions best fits your vision for the future of Waterloo Region?
Our next target
Considering your vision, what greenhouse gas reduction target would you like Waterloo Region to achieve by 2050? We should reduce emissions by:
Taking action
Dream with us! What actions should Waterloo Region take to achieve your vision for the future?
Your answer
Why do you believe it's important for Waterloo Region to take action on climate change?
Your answer
Where you live and/or work in Waterloo Region
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Where do you live?
Where do you work?
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