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Knoowy offers a special 'money back guarantee'. We try to check and monitor every document that is uploaded to Knoowy. We especially pay attention to whether the contents of the document match the specifications that have been given by the seller. We do not judge the contents in depth.

If your purchase does not meet your expectations, we are very sorry. In such cases, when you can clearly indicate that you didn't get what was promised to you, it is possible to get back the full purchase price in form of Knoowy balance. However, some conditions and procedures are involved. Use the form below to submit a refund request. Please make sure to carefully answer each question in order to apply for a refund.

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About which document are you dissatisfied? *
Copy the link (incl. https://) to the document.
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What promises were made by the seller that you think are not met? *
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Explain why you think the promise is not fulfilled? *
Be as specific and detailed as possible so that we know exactly why you are not satisfied with the document.
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Knoowy sets a number of requirements to get your money back.
Have you carefully read the specifications set by the seller?
Did you not have too high expectations about the document?
Did you contact the seller? *
You can contact the seller through the review system. The seller will not be able to give back money, but he can still adapt and improve the document so that your expectations are met.
Could the seller be of any assistance? *
Did the seller yet deliver the promised content of the document?
Did you purchase the document no longer than 14 days ago? *
Further handling
We will review your money back request whether you apply for restitution or not. When you get your money back, you will receive it on your Knoowy balance.
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