ThronesCon August 2019 Trader Application Form
Thank you for your interest in trading at our event on Sunday 18th August 2019. The event will take place at The Printworks, Manchester, M4 2BS.

Please fill in the form below, ensuring that you have fully read and understood the terms and conditions. By submitting this form you agree to the terms. You also give permission for DraigCon event organisers and associated parties to store and process your personal information for the purposes of event organisation.

Your trading stand is not guaranteed until the fee has been paid in full, you have provided proof of public liability insurance and any other documents requested, and you have received an email confirmation from us. Pitches are allocated on a first come first served policy upon receipt of all required documents and payment.

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Terms and conditions
The information given on this form is confidential and will only be used by the organisers of ThronesCon and their employees, agents or associated parties for the operation of ThronesCon and will not be passed on to any other persons, unless required by law to do so.

Trading will be permitted to take place between 10am and 6pm on each day of the event. This is a restriction imposed by Manchester City Council and must be adhered to.

All trade stands or displays must provide proof of public liability insurance, or you will not be permitted to trade/display at the event. If you are selling food then you must provide food hygiene certification. We will not allow the sale of counterfeit/illegal goods. This includes all products using IP which are not licensed by the copyright holder. Anyone suspected of selling these will be refused a pitch and reported to the relevant authorities. Pitches will be allocated on a first come first served policy upon receipt of a completed booking form, proof of public liability insurance and payment where applicable. If your application has been accepted you will receive an invoice containing payment instructions. Your booking is not confirmed until payment has been made and all requested documents supplied. You will receive a confirmation email when your application is confirmed. We emphasise that parking is not available on site, although there are many car parks within walking distance. Limited unloading spaces are available on Dantzic Street prior to the event, all vehicles must be removed by 8.30am and traders must be aware that attendees will begin arriving at the venue from 9am. At 6pm the event ends and all sales must stop. This is a clear guideline set by Manchester City Council. You may then collect your vehicles and begin to pack away. If you are trading on both days all stalls must be packed away overnight. This is due to the venue operating nightclubs

Trading tables consist of a standard size 6ft trestle table and are charged at the rate of £75.00 per table per day. Backing tables are charged at £35 per table per day.
Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific layout of tables due to the nature of the venue. Some pitches consisting of multiple tables may include angles or corners due to space constraints. You may bring your own table of a similar size instead if you wish. You will not be permitted to use your own tables to provide extra trading space. Two trader passes will be provided per table booked (not including backing tables). Any additional passes will be chargeable. We cannot offer electricity. If you specifically require access to mains, please contact us by email explaining why you need this and we will make every effort to accommodate you - but we cannot offer any guarantees. If you wish to bring table covers, these must be fire retardant. Traders who wish to attend for the full weekend may be given priority over those requesting one day only.

All trading stand fees are non-refundable except for in the unlikely event of event cancellation. By submitting this form you agree to our terms and conditions and agree you have relevant insurance documents. A copy of this will be required and no refunds will be given for lack of insurance. This is an independent fan convention and is not authorised, endorsed by, affiliated with or otherwise connected with HBO, George R R Martin or any other rights holders in and to the Game of Thrones name and brand, nor do we pass ourselves off or intend to pass ourselves off as being anything other than the foregoing. We are respectful of all intellectual property rights in and to the Game of Thrones name and brand. Any use by us of third party intellectual property rights is used with permission and/or under licence from HBO or the applicable rights holder. Accordingly, in order to exhibit/trade at the fan convention, you warrant and represent that you will not infringe any third party intellectual property rights, in particular, those relating to the Game of Thrones name and brand, and hereby agree to indemnify ThronesCon against all liabilities, costs (including its reasonable legal costs), damages and/or losses suffered or incurred by ThronesCon, its officers, agents or employees as a result of any third party claim for actual or alleged infringement of intellectual property rights arising out of or in connection with your participation at this fan convention.

Any trader selling replica swords/ blades/ weapons that are not made of foam must not allow customers to take the weapon at the time. You must arrange a suitable time at the end of the day for these replicas to be collected, or post items to customers. We advise you to look into the laws of selling replica weapons before doing so. If you are caught breaking the law, we hold no responsibility. While we understand replica weapons are dulled and relatively safe, we will be very strict on how they are sold. No replica weapons are to be sold to minors.

The majority of traders will be situated in 'The Pumpyard' area of The Printworks. Please note that The Printworks is an entertainment complex and 'The Pumpyard' is open to the general public throughout the event and during setup/breakdown time. Attractions will be situated inside tenant venues and in the surrounding area. Every customer must walk past traders and through trader areas to access parts of the event. This has been planned to ensure traders get maximum footfall. Locations of trading pitches are not guaranteed and cannot be provided in advance. If you have a specific requirement please inform us at the time of booking and we will make every effort to accommodate this, however we can offer no guarantees. Please note that the floor of 'The Pumpyard' at The Printworks is not even in all places and features inclines. Some trading locations may require the use of stairs and there may not be a lift available.

Event organisers will make every reasonable effort to provide a satisfactory trading location, however their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Any trader or member of their staff who acts in a hostile or aggressive way towards event organisers, staff or venue staff/security may be asked to remove their stand and leave the site immediately. No refunds will be issued in this instance. Please ensure you listen to any guidance given by, and obey any instructions from event organisers, event staff, venue staff or security. All pitch locations and table configurations are subject to approval by DraigCon and Printworks management. In the event of any pitch location causing congestion or other safety issues it may be moved without notice.


If you have any questions relating to trading at DraigCon events please email

I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions and any trader rules/information as published by DraigCon event organisers. If you are signing on behalf of a company you hereby confirm that you are authorised to do so. (Type your name in the box below) *
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