Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan (SNAP) consultation
Welcome to the online consultation page of the Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan!

In the following you will find the proposed SNAP policies and a proposal map. These are the statutory part of the Neighbourhood Plan and are extracted from the full Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan 2018-2033 (Pre-submission consultation).

Use this response form to comment on the pre-submission Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan. All comments received by 22 March 2019 will be considered by the Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan team and may be used to amend the pre-submission Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan document.

To comment on this form, please type in the boxes below each policy, ensuring that your feedback refers specifically to that policy. Please be as specific as possible with your suggestions, for example which bit of the policy text would need changing, and how should it be changed.

Please fully complete your personal details below. Any forms that do not have the personal details section completed cannot be counted or considered.

All your comments are important and will be considered before submission of the Neighbourhood Plan. Note that all response forms will be available for public inspection.

Alternatively to this form, you can use the printed response form included in the policies summary booklet which was delivered to all addresses in Sele, or download and fill in the response form available at Please use only one response method to send in your comments.

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