Technology Request Form
Students must complete this online tech request form to schedule  a time to pick up your device from the school's main entrance.
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Student name *
Parent name *
Student email address *
I will take care of my Chromebook as identified in the Jersey City School District Technology Device to Pupils Policy and Procedures and Acceptable Use Policy. *
I will do my best to never leave the Chromebook unattended. *
I will use my Chromebook in ways that are responsible, appropriate, meet JCPS expectations and are educational. *
I understand that my Chromebook is subject to inspection at any time, without notice and remains the property of JCPS. *
I will follow the policies outlined in the Jersey City School District Technology Device to Pupils Policy while at school, as well as outside of the school during remote learning. *
I understand that inappropriate content found on the iPad/MacBook/Chromebook is subject to disciplinary action. *
I agree to return the District Chromebook, charger, and any other accessories in good working condition. *
I will be responsible for any damage caused by neglect or misuse. *
I /we understand that iPad/MacBook/Chromebook are intended solely for educational use and that students are not permitted to download any applications not authorized by their teachers or approved by JCPS administration. *
I agree to the stipulations set forth in the above documents including the Jersey City School District Guidelines, Policies, and Pledge Form. *
Signing (typing) my name below, I understand all of the policies and procedures set forth by the Jersey City Public Schools and agree to adhere to all rules.  Please type the student's name as well as the parents name if your agree to all terms to receive a District Chromebook.   *
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